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PATO was founded in 1985 as a general partnership. The name PATO is the Italian clever acronym for the original activity involving artesian wells and horizontal directional drilling.

With the rapid growth and extensive development of the sector, business was soon very rewarding and the company headed for a restructuring process.

In 1992 it was reincorporated as a limited company and made some radical changes in its entrepreneurial strategies. First of all there was a radical shift in focus: at that time the advent of the so-called no-dig or trenchless technologies was just beginning to prove that an effective alternative to open-cut excavations, if not the only viable solution, was available.

Hence we reallocated investments to no-dig construction research and technology, upgraded or renewed our machine yard and hired highly-trained professionals in all trenchless construction techniques: microtunnelling, controlled horizontal directional drilling, jacked box tunneling, pipe jacking, auger boring, pipe ramming and, of course, well boring.

At the same time we made minor investments also in the field of bridge and building jacking. With regular technology upgrading and the huge experience gained with time, PATO s.r.l. has become one of Italy’s leading trenchless construction companies and has developed a technologically advanced and highly efficient structure managed by a far-sighted team.

In the meantime we have acquired numerous foreign firms, which we run from the headquarter in Occhiobello (Rovigo), together with all our national businesses.

Our present workforce numbers 60 professionals with various functions and skills but we are always looking on the lookout for skilled people since our activity expands continuously.

For support we rely on independent freelance consultants and collaborators even worldwide.

The excellent reputation we have built through the years and the increasing preferences for our products are shown also by the increasing turnover that in 2005 has reached 9 millions euro.

Pato s.r.l is a specialized business wich has legal and technological requisition to take part in public contract as single contractor or in temporary association.

PATO s.r.l. is S.O.A certified for classes: OG3-IV OG4-V OG6-V OG8-IV OG9-IV OS20B-IIIBis OS21-V OS35-VI.

PATO s.r.l. is ISO 9001:2000 n.° 9165.PATO certified and it is IATT (Italian Association for Trenchless Technology) associated.

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