Microtunnelling in the foreground

The successful application of technology to overcome microtunnelling areas characterized by the presence of various types of infrastructure

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No personnel are required inside the tunnel.

Intermediate jacking stations allow lying long stretches of pipelines.

The MTBM has a continuous monitoring laser-guided system, which detects and corrects any online trajectory errors (by adjusting the thrusting force of the hydraulic jacks and of the directional drilling units located in the casing pusher).

Ground deformations are minimized or eliminated (which is made possible by the special drilling method used and the combined direct installation of the pipeline). By means of hydroshield, the ground deformation is avoided with slurry pressure in front of the shield.

Depending on the site-specific geological conditions, auger (e.g. EPB machine, open shield with punctual cutter or auger, for DN < 800 mm) or hydraulic spoil removal (slurry system) can be used.



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